Global Engineered Sourcing for Industrial Assemblies

Our global engineering sourcing aims to save your firm significant production cost and cost savings needed for profitability and price competitiveness.  We have conquered the complex learning curve of managing engineered sourcing and have over 50 years of combined experience in sourcing industrial/OEM products, components, and assemblies.  Engineered components, assemblies are certified with quality, inspection, first article reports and provide you with competitive engineering sourcing solutions from start to finish.   

  • Cost savings for profitability and price competitiveness
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of expanded peripheral products, components, and assemblies.
  • Certified quality, technology and production inspection
  • Complete integration and assembly of your product solution.
  • Delivery of your quality product on-time or hold products in inventory


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Global Engineered Sourcing of Ball Bearing Slides