The Engineering Challenge
The Engineered Solution 
Why Did the Company Work with JES?

The Engineering Challenge

A leading engineering Company that is instrumental in designing and developing the systems, algorithms, and infrastructure that will be tomorrow's tools of the Information Warfare era sought mechanical engineering and custom manufacturing expertise for a new communication system that was being developed. The Company masterminded the systems, software, and electrical engineering of the communication system, which was designed to search, identify, capture, and exploit signals for the military.

A subset of the Company's communication system, specifically two radios and two power supplies, were designed to be mounted into an enclosure, which in turn was being installed into a larger military platform. The Company required a total military rack-mount solution for the two radios and power supplies – and engaged JES from the earliest stage of their design get-go.

The Engineered Solution

The custom engineering and manufacturing challenge at hand played to JES' business model precisely – get involved at the earliest possible design stages and engineer a custom product solution specifically for the application – then custom manufacture, integrate, and deliver the product solution on a just-in-time, make-to-order basis. To start the applications engineering phase, the Company sent two of the radios and two of the power supplies to JES, and also provided the dimensions of the enclosure into which the system will be mounted. Following a comprehensive design proposal, JES assigned mechanical engineering resources to the project and began immediately – knowing that speed was a critical element to the success of the Company's project.

Pro/ENGINEER® was used by JES as the primary design tool, which facilitated engineer-to-engineer information exchange with the Company's engineers. In a matter of days, JES produced the first total solution design concept, which included:

  • A pair of light-weight custom aluminum slides with integrated locking and inner channel disconnect functionality
  • A pair of steel rack-mount brackets per slide
  • An interconnecting aluminum tray, welded at the edges for additional strength, for situating the two radios and power supply brackets
  • Cushioned hold-down aluminum brackets for securing the power supplies near the rear of the tray
  • A front panel (to bolt against the front of the enclosure) with cut-outs that granted access to the radio controls
  • Hardware kits for mounting the radios and power supplies to the tray, and to mount the integrated kit components to one another and into the enclosure
  • JES created a single part number for the integrated kit, making it easy for the Company to order and reference within their information systems. Following a round of custom prototypes and performance testing, the first production order was custom manufactured and delivered to the Company.

Ruggedized Military Racks     Ruggedized Military Racks

Why Did The Company Work With JES?

  • Military electronics, literally the silent underbelly of today's military technology, require ruggedized mechanical solutions to protect the electronics from the shock, vibration, and other harsh conditions that are common in battlefield and other military environments. JES is the recognized leader in custom engineering and manufacturing ruggedized rack-mount solutions for all systems of the military – land, air, and sea.
  • JES created the solution with speed – a critical element in the success of the Company's project.
  • JES' custom engineering and manufacturing expertise allowed the Company to focus on what makes it a leader – the design and development of state-of-the-art communications systems which search, identify, and capture signals.
  • JES was the Company's one-stop engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain solution – relieving them of their non-core tasks of engineering a mechanical rack-mount solution and managing multiple vendors for the various components of it.

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