Other Componentry

To compliment the linear motion and access solution, we offer a wide selection of peripheral componentry including sheet metal assemblies, trays, plastics, fastener hardware, shock absorption devices, tool-less rack-mount componentry, align-a-load pin, captive screws, and other engineering hardware in your engineering application.

Sheet Metal Assemblies: Sheet metal assemblies can be incorporated in your solution to provide you with a built custom customer-specific integrated assembly.  All sheet metal and sheet metal assembles, such as plates, panels, and many other components, are engineered for the specific application, made to order and can be integrated into product solution.

Trays: Applications include battery-trays, rack-mount chassis trays, storage compartments in RV’s, fire truck trays and other engineered storage applications.  Trays are manufactured for many industries including the Fire Truck industry, RV, Server and other various markets. All trays are engineered for the specific application, made to order and integrated into a kit or assembled into a mechanical subassembly. 

Plastics: Plastic components and assemblies, such as cosmetic fascia and trim, over-molded components, and others, can be engineered into a custom engineered product solution.  Plastics components are injection-molded, machined and can be manufactured to special design specifications.  Various materials such as Zytel®, Derlin®, and others can also be used to meet to your requirements.

Fasteners: Fasteners are often essential components of custom engineered product solutions.  Our applications engineering expertise includes consultancy for optimal fasteners selection for any application.  PEM®, Captive, and other brands can be integrated into your kit. 

Align-A-Load Pin: The Align –A-Load Pin meets both high shock load capacity (MIL-S-901C) and vibration resistant (MIL-STD-167) compliances.  Align-A-load pins are used to provide greater stability from shock and vibration in your application where applications with extreme vibrations could fail if not secured properly.  All pins, brushings, washers are corrosion resistant steel and lock washers meet military standard hardware.

Shock Blocks: Shock blocks are optionally available components that can be integrated into aluminum slides for the purpose of providing positive protection from shock and vibration extremes. The underlying engineering principle in shock blocks is load transference. In a three-member aluminum slide, a shock block establishes a direct connection between the inner slide member and the outer slide member when the slide is in the closed position. A load-bearing package, such as an electronic chassis, is typically attached to the inner slide member. The outer slide member is typically attached to an enclosure or other cabinet-like structure. An intermediate slide member lies between the inner slide member and outer slide member, facilitating their relative motions. Clearly, the integrity of the load-bearing package attached to the inner slide member must be assured, in addition to the bearing raceways and other internal components of the aluminum slide that assure its continued proper operation.  To view shock block specifics, a download PDF is available.

Telescoping Door Stop: A non-corrosive construction of the Telescoping Door Stop (400216) is utilized in Defense and Commercial cabinets to hold an access door or panel open while equipment chassis is being installed or services.  This unique brace can be mounted in various positions and locks rigidly in its extended potion and can be released manually.  An additional “release ring” can be positioned to hold the activated open lock-down if multiple door stops are installed.  Modifications to this basic design are available.  Please download the PDF for data specifics.

Drawer Slides & Other Components