Series 340QD-SS

Medium Duty Steel Slides

340QD-SS Stainless Steel Slide series. Jonathan Engineered Solutions offers a complete line of high-quality industrial grade stainless steel drawer slides. Our array of industrial grade stainless steel slides includes ball bearing drawer slides, friction slides, roller bearing drawer slides, and solid bearing drawer slides. The 340QD-SS series steel slides are 1.38" x .75" wide and manufactured in stainless steel. The 340QD-SS is a 3 section slide with a load rating of up to 140 lbs. The majority of our stainless steel slides are custom engineered for specific applications. We also carry a broad line of standard steel slides, available with various lengths, travels, features, functionality, and more. With an accumulated mechanical engineering knowledge base that relates to industrial grade stainless steel slides, custom manufacturing capabilities, and a global footprint, we are the ideal source for all of your drawer slide requirements.

Medium Duty Steel Slides
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Load Rating: 95 to 120 lbs
  • Lengths: 12" to 28"
  • Travels: 12.88" to 27.56"
  • Lock open
  • Quick disconnect
  • Clear zinc finishes
  • 340 Bracketry Available: BK-5

  • Any length
  • Any travel
  • Custom hole patterns and sizes
  • Stop open, free to close
  • Custom finishes


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