Series 370PQD

Medium Duty Steel Slides

Jonathan Engineered Solutions is a leading expert in linear motion and access solutions especially when it comes to heavy duty applications (storage drawers, trays, platforms, battery boxes, and others) in the transportation industry. JES has added to its legacy product lines, models 370 and 370QD, with this introduction of model 370PQD.


The 370PQD, Lock Open and Disconnect slide, .50” wide x 2.00’ tall profile can be installed as a side mount as well as a flat bottom-mount or vertical under-mount slide for lighter duty applications.  Made from carbon steel with zinc plating, this slide is ideal for applications that not only require a high loads of up to 180 lbs, but where access to the slides release mechanism is limited. 


   NEW 370PQD:  Front Release, Lock Open & Disconnect, Full Extension Slide 



The JES 370PQD has a convenient and easy to actuate front lock release lever that operates both the lock open unlocking feature and the disconnect function.  The handle is easy to use and has a plastic touch point to make it more comfortable on your hand, large enough for gloved hands, and can be molded in alternate colors upon request.


A key feature to the JES 370PQD slides are the variety of mounting hole types and patterns to give more options when mounting slides to stationary and moving components..  An additional benefit is the hole patterns are interchangeable with competitive products right out of the box – no special hole pattern modifications needed for either metal or wood installations.


The slides are equipped with non-metallic stops in the open and closed positions.  These stops will cushion and dampen the slide motion, at both extreme positions, will not overly compress and cause unwanted lash play in the slide, as found in other competitors products.


Custom configurations are welcome and additional information may be obtained by contacting either a local JES representative, the JES web-site, or JES factory direct.  Lengths, travels, hole locations, value added fasteners, and alternate finishes, are just some of the available options JES can provide to meet your exact application or requirement.  Modifications to the basic JES 370PQD series have been proven to meet a wide range of conditions such as ease of assembly, high cycle, salt spray resistance, resistance to numerous chemicals and fluids, withstanding transportation vehicle induced shock and vibration, and have proven to meet both indoor and outdoor installations.


The Jonathan Advantage

  • Generous amount and multiple types of holes to make mounting slides easier
  • Available in Stainless Steel construction
  • Non-metallic stops cushion and dampen the slides motion
  • Easy to use front release mechanism
  • Spring loaded front lock arm.  Rear lock can be spring loaded for unique applications.
  • Slide is easily customizable
  • Single lever operates both lock open mechanism and the disconnect Feature

Medium Duty Steel Slides
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Load Rating: 120 to 175 lbs
  • Lengths: 12" to 30"
  • Travel: 13" to 31"
  • Finish:  Zinc Plate
  • 370 Stainless Bracketry (Available upon request) 
  • 370 Bracketry Available:(Optional)
  • BK-1
  • BK-2
  • BK-3
  • BK-4

  • Up to 175 lbs load rating
  • Any length
  • Any travel
  • Custom hole patterns and sizes
  • Interchangeability
  • Non-pinch lock actuation
  • One-motion installation
  • Ball-retainer hold forward
  • Slide member sequencing
  • Stainless Steel Construction (370PQD-SS)
  • Detents
  • Tool-less inner member technologies
  • Tool-less bracketry 
  • Custom finishes

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