Series 9000/L/LC/LLC

Heavy Duty Aluminum Slides

We are a leading expert in linear motion and access solutions especially regarding undermount slide applications.  JES introduces a new heavy duty undermount slide series:  The 9000 Series.  The 9000 series is a full extension undermount slide and is available with many new unique features in both construction and performance.  Heavy duty rollers, high impact in-stops and out-stops, convenient lock operation, full extension travel, and disconnect of the drawer member, all blend themselves to handle high loading in a small overall footprint.  


  • The JES 9000 series slides are available in 4 standard configurations: 9000 without locking feature, the 9000L with positive lock open, the 9000LC with positive lock closed, and the 9000LLC with both positive lock closed and lock open.
  • The JES 9000 Undermount Model provides a wide upper flange to further stabilize load application, offers an increased number of available mounting hole locations for hardware installation, and gives a stable platform to either direct mounted or indirect mounted applications. Standard lengths are available starting at 12 inches in 2 inch increments.
  • Custom configurations are welcome and additional information may be obtained by contacting either a local JES representative, the JES web-site, or JES factory direct.  Lengths, travels, hole locations, value added fasteners, top flange shape, alternate finishes, are just some of the available options JES can provide to meet your exact application or requirement.
  • Modifications to the basic JES 9000 series have been proven to meet a wide range of conditions such as high cycle, salt spray resistance, resistance to numerous chemicals and fluids, withstands transportation vehicle induced shock and vibration, and have proven to meet both indoor and outdoor installations.  

The Jonathan Advantage

  • Robust construction over conventional products
  • Extra wide flange for greater stability and assembly
  • Generous amount of mounting hole locations
  • Heavy duty in-stops and out-stops to withstand rough handling
  • Proven performance via shock and vibration testing
  • Load rating up to 800 pounds per pair / 400 pounds per slide. 
  • Adding additional slides increases ultimate load carry ability
  • Easily actuated lock lever
  • Slide is easily customizable
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                           9000 UNDERMOUNT CYCLE TESTING:  40,000 CYCLES




Heavy Duty Aluminum Slides
  • Material: Steel
  • Load Rating: 400 to 800 lbs
  • Lengths: 12" to 28" (Standard)
  • Travel: 12" to 28" (Standard Full Extension)
  • Finish: Zinc with clear chromate, RoHS compliant
  • Stops: Open & Closed for high impact forces
  • Locking System: (L) lock open, (LC) lock closed, (LLC) locking open & closed
  • Disconnect:  Inner member disconnect
  • High cycle counts, load performance
  • Options Available:

  • Options Available:
  • Shorter or longer lengths (10" up to 60")
  • Any travel (under travel or over travel)
  • Dual direction travel (pass thru drawers)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Custom hole patterns and sizes 
  • Addition of thread studs or inserts for faster assembly time
  • Reconfiguration of the top flange shape


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