Vending Equipment

Custom Engineered Vending Product Solutions

JES specializes in developing, design engineering and manufacturing customized linear slide rail and ball bearing slides for the vending dispensing industry.  Jonathan Engineered Solution’s custom linear slide rail solutions provide smooth, accurate access for the vending industry including- snack trays, beverage dispensing equipment, roll-out shelves, coin dispensing equipment and other customized vending equipment.  We engineer simple, effective product slide solutions to prevent jams and breakdowns in your vending or kiosks application. 

Slide Rails for Vending Applications:

  • Snack Trays
  • Beverage Dispensing Equipment
  • ATM Machines
  • Coin and Bill Acceptors
  • Drive-Thru Sliding Door Applications
  • Transaction Windows
  • Pass-Through Trays
  • Transaction Drawers
  • Cash Dispensing Equipment
  • Coin Dispensing Equipment
  • DVD Video Dispensing Trays
  • Other Customized Equipment

JES engineered a simple, cost-effective slide solution for a vertical application in a vending machine.  The solution, which included an inner channel with roller bearings inside of an outer channel, was simple and effective, and overcame the numerous challenges associated with mounting ball bearing slides in the vertical direction.

Vending Motion & Access Solution Value Proposition:

  • Specializes improving the accuracy, efficiency, and motion in your vending equipment.
  • JES has simple, effective vertical slide designs with industry-proven durability. 
  • Short slide solutions for precise movement in a confined space are also available.
  • Product solutions are designed to keep your vending and kiosk machines operating without jams or breakdowns.
  • Smooth, quick access to compartment dispensing merchandise (snacks, beverages, storage, tools, equipment)
  • Safe & Durable during critical operation.
  • Strength, safety, and reliable equipment.

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