COTS & Modified COTS Solutions for Fixed Mounted Chassis

A "hard-mounted" or front-mounted chassis provides no support to the bottom or rear of the enclosure, and can often drastically shorten the lifespan of equipment due to inadequate shock and vibration protection.

Jonathan has developed both a rugged and commercial solution for hard-mounted chassis that aims to reduce the workload for teams installing data management equipment and increase installation as well as replacement efficiency.

TIG Series

The TIG Insertion Guide series has configurations that are perfectly designed for chassis support in harsh environments, with aluminum construction and our rear Type-A Shock Block support.  For infrequently serviced chassis, this piece of hardware delivers maximum support for critical data storage devices.

tig series insertion guide series
tfb series bracket platforms

TFB Series

Bracket platforms for high-volume, tall order data storage centers, or highly modified hard-mounting solutions for the AI developers 


The TFB maintains impressive loads and is available in multiple configurations and finishes.

extend the lifespan of your critical equipment

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