Friction Slides

Friction slides — also called solid-bearing slides or non-ball bearing rails — are an ideal slide option when ball-bearing slides are not practical. Friction slides from Jonathan Engineered Solutions (JES) deliver smooth and precise motion, using interchangeable inner members and full travel potentials. These friction slider designs are perfect for outdoor applications because the tight tolerances and lubrication between the members prevent debris from interfering with their functionality. We offer them in various materials, including aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. JES frictions slides are rugged and durable, capable of meeting and exceeding today’s harshest military applications and environmental conditions, including MIL-901 specifications. In addition to our many stock slide options, our engineers can design a friction slide system optimal for your specific operation.

Friction Drawer Slides for Aerospace, Military and Other Applications

Since our friction slides are self-lubricating, easy to install and require little maintenance, they’re popular in a broad range of industry applications — including militaryaerospacecommercial transportation, emergency vehicles, vending machines and more. These designs work well as an economical and durable solution when ball bearings may present a safety issue or hazard.

Specific applications of a friction slide include:


Friction Slide Materials and Testing Procedures

We fabricate our aluminum friction slides with high-strength aluminum and anodize them with a Class 1, Type II, MIL-A-8625A finish. We finish the intermediate channel with a durable dry film lubricant.

Our carbon steel slides feature cold-rolled steel and a RoHS compliant, commercial zinc finish, while our stainless steel designs use 304 series stainless steel with a passivated finish.

We offer optional finishes and full design customization for all our solid bearing slides. Testing capabilities include static, continuous cycle, proof loading, destructive, pull and side force resistance.

Advantages of Partnering With JES for Your Solid Bearing Slide Needs

When you choose Jonathan Engineered Solutions for friction slides, you’ll experience many benefits that few other competitors provide:

  • Superior technical expertise: Our engineers use Pro Engineer, AutoCAD, CNC machining and other advanced tools to develop industry-leading solutions for an extensive application range.
  • Design flexibility: We can use various aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel grades to customize a friction slide design option unique to your specific application.
  • Quick turnaround: We perform all the design and manufacturing processes inside our facility to offer faster lead times for friction drawer slides than many competitors.


Let JES Customize a Frictional Slide Solution for Your Application

At Jonathan Engineering Solutions, we strive to provide personalized attention dedicated to maximizing your application’s efficiency and functionality. As a certified ISO 9001 and AS9100 slide manufacturer, we can offer you dozens of off-the-shelf stock options or create a design specific to your needs.

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