We know that survivability is the objective.  Our ruggedized rack-mounting solutions are utilized in virtually every type of SEA, AIR, GROUND, SPACE, and CYBER Defense platform – inhabiting:

  • Ships
  • Submarines
  • Aircraft
  • Land Vehicles
  • Ground Shelters
  • Portable Transit Cases


Jonathan Engineered Solutions designs and manufactures the most comprehensive product line for rugged linear motion and rack-mounting applications available today.  With over 60 years of experience, Jonathan has supported Defense applications through the implementation of solid state technology, the birth of rack-mounting standards in military electronics, and heavy duty linear motion solutions alike.  JES specializes in modified off-the-shelf solutions that are designed to accommodate any platform.










Adaptive Solutions in Defense Electronics


Jonathan Engineered Solutions is the premier provider of rack-mounting hardware for Defense applications in the United States, with linear motion solutions available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  Our products are always available for modification, including ruggedized shock block technology, hybrid materials, or an impossibly wide variety of features like quick-disconnects, lock-in and lock-out, two-way travel, and pivoting mechanisms for Y-plane adjustment on slides and trays.  We’ve spent the last 60 years working alongside the most innovative defense OEMs to develop a functional product line that defines a perfect platform from which to design the most cooperative electronic defense systems.  In addition to our various upgrades, we can take your custom kit, and assign it a unique part number for quick reference, support, and replacement.

Our solutions have also been installed in simple and ruggedized applications for electronics modules such as servers, data storage units, laptop computers, communications equipment, amplifiers, radios, and power supplies.

JES products are submitted to various performance tests, such as hammer testing and 901D barge testing, designed to permit the uninterrupted performance of electronic and mechanical military systems in harsh shock and vibration environments.  We support the refurbishing and upgrades of existing defense systems and development of new product solutions for new systems.

Featured Categories

The Very Best in Rugged Rack-Mounting Solutions


Ruggedized Slide Assembly Solutions for the Defense Market



Solutions for shock-qualified and shielded rack-mounted naval applications.  Heavy duty aluminum products for C5ISR and Geospatial applications.  Rack-mounting slides, trays, fixed-mounted, and cable management to make the installation and maintenance of server storage configurations streamlined and secure.


Ground Vehicle

C5ISR and EW as well as seat motion applications, providing ground vehicle engineers and program managers with simplified supply chain management, efficient integrated assembly, and survivable hardware.



Heavy duty radar access solutions to test and eval applications.  Jonathan supports Air Force C2 and testing platform solutions to address MODSIM development.


Government Cyber Security

Data storage solutions in a variety of materials for cost-conscious program support that maintain longevity and performance.  Slides, trays, tool-less solutions and cable management in a variety of configurations for perpetual access and effortless installation.

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Our Value Proposition


Rugged COTS & Modified Solutions

Security and survivability are the most critical considerations when developing a solution for your application. Utilizing our Type A and Type 2 Shock Block, Dyna Race, and hybrid technologies are just a few of the ways that we achieve tremendous results that keep your equipment functioning long after the mission is complete.


Engineering Excellence

Without a doubt, it is our engineering ability that separates us from other linear motion solution providers. Jonathan is capable of helping your team develop the perfect solution for your application, and can modify a standard product or help develop unique solutions to accommodate your assembly.


Flexible Manufacturing & Prototyping

Our facilities contain dedicated departments for rapid prototype turnaround, and employ methods to quickly pivot operations to accommodate high volume production runs.

Speak with a Sales Representative

Our representatives have a wealth of knowledge on all our products – let them steer you in the right direction.

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