Jonathan Engineered Solutions is an AS9100 certified manufacturer of the most superior linear motion devices for aircraft interiors available on the market today.  No other company can offer the engineering support, volume flexibility, and high customization that Jonathan can offer.  We’ve been in business for over 60 years, and recent acquisitions have increased our footprint and output, allowing us to expand our New Product Development and testing facilities to ensure that we’re as current as ever.

Our Aerospace offering is designed to drive innovation, using materials that maintain high loads, while simultaneously reducing noise and weight from any competitive offering.  Working with the best and brightest in OEM interior developments, our Aerospace team has refined our offering to a variety of standard lines that glide through every axis, and customization capabilities for everything else.  We’re here to help you achieve the very most in aircraft interiors.

  • JES specializes providing lighter-weight saving solutions
  • Innovative features including self closing, spring open and dampening mechanisms
  • Custom non-standard sliding assemblies
  • Smooth, quick access to compartment contents (devices, storage, equipment)
  • Strength, safety, and reliable solutions that meet industry qualifications including FAA Structural Testing
  • Trusted among leading aircraft/business jet manufacturers including Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream, Cessna, Embraer

As the world of proximity changes, so do the standards by which aircraft seat manufacturers operate.  With new developments in safety and separation aboard the aircraft, the demand for more elegant partition and movement solutions is increasing.  Jonathan Engineered Solutions has developed some of the smartest and most graceful ways to give executive classes and business jet seating their desired results.  Learn more through the link.

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Business Jet & Commercial Aircraft Applications

Linear Motion & Stowage Access Solutions


Business Jet Applications

Jonathan has developed a comprehensive line of lightweight aluminum slides that sustain impressively high loads for Business Jet applications including seating and furniture solutions.  We employ a variety of technologies to keep the our components light, contribute to the overall reduction of cabin noise for more luxurious travel, and sustain the high loads necessary for maximum reliability and function.


Commercial Aircraft Applications

In addition to the very high end products available for Business Jet applications, Jonathan provides more economical solutions for galley and cabin applications with extremely high lifecycles.  All of our products are tested to the most rigorous requirements, and test data is available for every JES product.  Dedicated Aerospace engineers guarantee that the very best in functionality and performance come standard with every profile.  Working early with our customers guarantees that their best efforts are given to satisfying even the most rigid requirements.

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Our Value Proposition


Reduced Noise

Reduce noise in your aircraft with a different kind of executive upgrade. The Executive Series from Jonathan reduces noise by replace the steel ball bearings with polymer balls that allow for a silent glide from closed to open, to closed again.


Reduced Weight & Sustained Strength

Weight savings is crucial for both fuel and engine efficiency. Replacing a standard steel or stainless steel slide with an aluminum profile reduces the weight by up to 30% without sacrificing the ability to sustain heavy loads.


Engineering Excellence

Jonathan's engineers are capable of helping your team design the perfect solution for your application. We can build something from scratch, or modify an existing standard with almost no added turnaround time.

Speak with a Sales Representative

Our representatives have a wealth of knowledge on all our products – let them steer you in the right direction.

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