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Aluminum and steel slide trays are durable, sturdy devices that accommodate various loads and applications. Whether you need to hold a keyboard or medical equipment, slide trays and shelves provide easy access and storage. Jonathan Engineered Solutions manufactures standard aluminum and steel 1U and 2U trays and shelves. We have ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certifications, and we offer commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), modified off-the-shelf (MOTS) products and custom solutions to meet any client's specific project requirements.

Types of Steel and Aluminum Slide Trays

Jonathan Engineered Solutions offers trays in steel and aluminum. Aluminum trays are corrosion-resistant and ideal for moist or damp environments. Steel trays provide long-lasting durability, fitting for rough use. Depending on the industry and application, each material offers different benefits.
Aluminum and steel trays are available for light-duty and medium-duty uses:

Light-duty trays: T1U-100 COTS and T1U-200 COTS are designed for loads weighing between 123 and 126 pounds. The 340 and 170QD series feature adjustable brackets and panel fasteners for locking the tray.
Medium-duty trays: T2U-100 COTS and T2U-200 COTS slide trays can hold weights from 165 to 254 pounds. The 370 and 150QD medium-duty trays feature fasteners for locking and adjustable brackets.


Typical Applications

Various industries use slide trays and shelves, including:

These aluminum and steel slide trays are versatile enough to handle the following:

  • Commercial: Light-duty trays can function in appliances, cabinet drawers, tool storage, electronics and more.
  • Server and data storage: Light- and medium-duty trays work for network system hardware, computer components and other electronic equipment.
  • Displays: Steel and aluminum trays are perfect for heavy-duty retail and point-of-purchase applications.
  • Communication systems: Metal trays offer excellent storage options for all communication equipment types, including phones, fax machines, intercoms, radios and more.
  • Industrial: Slide trays work well for vending machines, cash handling and kiosks.
  • Transportation: Trays can provide space and storage in commercial aircraft, ships, trucks and buses. They can also serve as battery compartments in trucks and buses.
  • Defense: Medium-duty trays provide storage on vehicles, ships and aircraft designed for operational readiness, rugged environments and quick deployment.

Aluminum and steel slide trays and shelves will provide durable, reliable service for your industry’s purposes and applications.

Testing and Materials

Our trays and shelves are manufactured with high-quality materials to meet specific standards and regulations. Testing includes continuous cycle, load life, static and proof loading, destructive and pull- or side-force resistance.

The aluminum trays are made with high-strength aluminum with an anodized finish. Carbon steel trays are cold-rolled steel finished with zinc, while stainless steel trays are crafted from 304 series stainless steel with a passivated finish. Optional finishes and customizations are available.

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