Aluminum Telescopic Slides

Aluminum full extension slides are telescopic slides that function on the principle of linear motion to move freely in one or two directions. These slides consist of high quality aluminum and may be solid bearing (no ball-bearings), use ball-bearings, or utilize rollers to transport loads in different directions. Their compact and precise construction allows for smooth, accurate motion with low friction in various industry applications. Jonathan Engineered Solutions (JES) offers several easy-to-install aluminum ball-bearing and friction slide designs that provide optimal functionality in various settings. Our self-lubricated ball-bearing slides use two rows of bearings on each base side to deliver precise movement. While similar in design to ball-bearing slides, friction slides use a solid bearing surface to provide outward slide motion. Jonathan’s selection of aluminum drawer slides is the widest available in the world. Our products offer anodized aluminum slide lengths from 4 inches to 5 feet that can accommodate loads up to 1200 pounds.

Types of Industrial Aluminum Slides We Offer

We manufacture several grades of aluminum slides in various compact designs to handle an extensive range of applications, including:


  • Light-duty telescopic slides: These versatile slides can accommodate applications weighing up to 138 pounds. We offer light-duty designs in various sizes, load capacities and other features to meet your unique specifications.
  • Medium-duty telescopic slides: Our medium-duty systems use higher-grade aluminum to handle operations between 89 pounds and 265 pounds. We offer multiple configurations to meet a broad range of needs.
  • Heavy-duty telescopic slides: These industrial-grade, aluminum-coated slides work well for heavier-duty applications between 190 pounds and 980 pounds.


Applications of Aluminum Drawer Slides

While our aluminum ball-bearing slides are popular in the military and aerospace industries, they also work well in the electronic and construction fields for shipboard, mobile, stationary and other applications that require low physical weight or corrosion resistance. Our aluminum friction slides are ideal for use in dusty environments and perfect for load applications with work holding devices, CNC equipment and laboratory science. Specific applications include:


Benefits of Partnering With JES for Commercial Aluminum Slides

When you partner with Jonathan Engineered Solutions for your aluminum slide needs, you’ll experience many benefits that other slide manufacturers cannot provide:

  • Superior technical expertise: Our engineers leverage decades of combined experience and the latest 3-D design technology to develop solutions specific to your application.
  • Design flexibility: In addition to featuring an extensive selection of off-the-shelf products, we can create aluminum telescopic slides to meet nearly any design criteria.
  • Fast turnaround: Since we handle the design, engineering and manufacturing of our products in-house, we offer quicker lead times than many of our competitors.
  • Personal attention: The entire JES team strives to improve the efficiency and functionality of your operation. We take the time and provide the attention your project needs to succeed.


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As a certified AS9100 and ISO 9001 manufacturer of aluminum ball bearing and friction slides, Jonathan Engineered Solutions provides linear track systems tailored to your specific needs. Our rugged and durable designs meet and exceed the highest standards in the harshest environmental conditions. Our engineers have decades of combined experience developing solutions to handle the most challenging projects.

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