corrosion-resistant enclosures for marine applications

We offer the most comprehensive selection of COTS / Modified COTS rugged and shielded enclosures available on the continent.  Meeting and often exeeding the most rigid standards in EMI/RFI and shock/vibration, our enclosures and rack-mounting hardware have been proven in maritime environments for over 60 years.  Jonathan Group utilizes an aggregate of over 600,000 square feet of manufacturing facility floor space across North America to run high volume operations when our customers require it.  Dedicated NPI/Prototyping labs are available to supplement modified, custom, and build-to-print work in low volume quantities












Experienced Marine Manufacturing

Jonathan Group aims to provide the most complete and survivable mechanical packaging solutions available. Our rack and enclosure offering ranges from the most cost-effective solutions to highly modified enclosures with cutting-edge shielding capabilities. No other mechanical packaging solutions provider can offer the engineering support or manufacturing verticals required to design and fabricate shielded, shock/vibe protected enclosures with integrated rack-mounting hardware directly to your facility.

workboat custom enclosure

In addition to Jonathan Engineered Solutions, Jonathan Group includes:

equipto electronics corp logo

Equipto manufactures electronics enclosures for a variety of applications, but what truly distinguishes them amidst the landscape is the impressive shielding capabilities of their R Series enclosures.  Chosen by government agencies and secure data mangement companies, the top-tier R Series cabinets deliver 100dB of attenuation at 18GHz, and many of the R Series enclosures are TEMPEST rated.  Equipto also offers consoles, shielded PC Cases, NEMA Enclosures, Multi-Unit Testbeds for emulating RF environments, and knockdown bolt-together racks for laboratory applications.

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The preferred choice of the US Navy and the most rugged aluminum enclosures on the market, Electromet’s works of are are all designed and manufactured in Hagerstown, MD and Johnstown, PA.  No other enclosure house can offer the versatility, hatchability, and modularity that Electromet can, all while being meticulously built in America.  These shock qualified cabinets are available with accessories and features that include fan trays/blower drawers, rugged PDUs, and EMI/RFI shielding.


Extending The lifespan of your Critical Equipment

The Jonathan Group aims to provide the design, engineering, and manufacturing support for the mechanical integration of critical electronics systems at sea.  Our vertically integrated structure allows for more engineering and manufacturing flexibility, top-tier quality, and quick lead times, making us the valuable partner your project deserves.


We are the only company that can design and manufacture a completely mechanically integrated and shielded enclosure system with compatible rack-mounting hardware for chassis and trays, supported by shock and vibration isolation all within the walls of our facilities.  We’re here to absorb your risk and save you time and money.  From robust ,ruggedized aluminum cabinets favorited by the US Navy, to commercial data storage server cabinets, multi-bay consoles, testing enclosures, and laboratory frames for research and development — we can provide a solution for every requirement and every environment.

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Heavy metal that attenuates everything from drone cameras to ship decks and skyscraper foundations.  Available in sizes for every applications, these shock and vibe isolators are trusted to support the most sensitive applications in the world.  with various configurations capable of multi-axis torsional stability and maximum stroke efficiency, IDC is sure to have the perfect solution for your attenuation envelope.

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Emcor Enclosures delivers Cabinets, Racks, Consoles, Test/Measurement Enclosures, and Cage Solutions for mission critical applications. Emcor Enclosures manufactures high quality products and solutions that protect your investment in sensitive electronics and communications technology.  Emcor has both a wide range of standard products and the ability to rapidly customize products, providing customers with a solution for their exact application. With decades of experience managing solutions for the test and measurementaerospace and defensedata center, and enterprise networking markets we are well positioned to provide you with unequaled application expertise, customer service, and technical support.