When responding to an emergency call, you need to be able to access your equipment quickly once you reach the scene of the incident. Jonathan Engineered Solutions specializes in producing drawer slides for emergency and heavy vehicles such as armored vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances. Our custom-built drawer slides are corrosion-resistant and extremely durable. 


Jonathan Engineered Solutions produces telescoping drawer slides for emergency vehicles, including ambulances and fire trucks. While many of our solutions for heavy weight vehicles are designed specifically for emergency vehicles, JES also produces drawer slides for armored trucks.


Drawer Slides

When responding to an emergency, your team needs to be able to access your gear quickly. It needs drawers that can withstand frequent use under challenging conditions. JES products telescoping drawer slides for ambulances that have been used by many of the top emergency vehicle manufacturers. You can remain confident that your drawers will open smoothly every time, enabling emergency response teams to protect and saves lives.

close up of the front of a fire truck


When arriving at the scene of a fire or an emergency, firefighting crews need to get to their tools and hoses quickly to minimize property damage and save lives. JES produces custom-built drawer slides for fire trucks that are known for their strength and durability. Implement custom, purpose-built equipment to improve crews’ ease of access to your tools and pumpers on board the truck during the most critical operations.

armored vehicle


We manufacture drawer slides for the defense industry. Jonathan Engineered Solutions has won a contract to assemble and manufacture mechanical assemblies for an armored security vehicle manufacturer. We can use our experience in this industry to work with you through the engineering, assembly and custom manufacturing processes for military vehicles. 

Benefits of Sliding Systems for Emergency Vehicles and Heavy Vehicles

When you choose our fire truck, armored vehicle or ambulance drawer slides, you experience the following benefits:

  • Responsive and fast linear movement drawer slides: Our drawer slides respond instantly and function during critical times, preventing delays when every moment matters.
  • Quick access to drawer content: The drawers open quickly, so you can get instant access to the supplies and components you need when responding to a fire or another emergency.
  • Safety and durability: Our drawers are rugged and reliable, so you can trust these sliding systems to perform as intended during critical operations.
  • Equipment that meets industry standards: We’re an ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified manufacturer that specializes in producing purpose-built drawer slides that meet stringent qualifications.
  • Custom-built equipment: We engineer, design and manufacture custom drawer slides based on your vehicles’ requirements to ensure our solutions meet your precise specifications.
close up of the front of a fire truck

The JEs Advantage

t2u tray
drawer with jonathan engineered solutions drawer slide

Complete Customization

All Jonathan products are easily modified to satisfy specified requirements. Features include overtravel, lock in/out, quick disconnect, and more.

Experienced Engineering Support

Our engineers have over 100 years of combined engineering experience, and have a vast number of projects to reference for precision integration.

System Assembly

JES manfuctures complete subassemblies and delivers them to your dock. Over 600,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities provide maximum flexibility for your complex application.

Our steel profiles, now in stainless for improved strength and corrosion resistance. Our stainless steel is passivated and RoHS compliant, and will perform in exceptionally high and low temperatures.

When the cycle life has been reached, our stainless steel products can also be recycled for sustainability.

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