Telescopic slides are critical parts across industries, and vending and cash handling are no exception. Our broad selection of drawer slides, ATMs, vending machines and cash registers all have the smooth motion and durable hardware they need to function. Work with Jonathan Engineered Solutions (JES) to find the ultimate solutions for your cash handling demands. 

Our Selection of Slides for Cash Handling and Vending Machines

JES offers a range of drawer slides for cash handling, ATMs and vending machines. Our options include:

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Drawer Slides

Aluminum drawer slides come in various designs, including solid bearing, ball bearing and rollers. We use precise construction principles for a smooth glide and diverse uses. 

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Choose from light-, medium- and heavy-duty steel based on your application. This cost-effective metal choice offers smooth motion and performs well for interior vending use cases.

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Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel telescopic slides are ideal for vending and ATMs outside. This metal is highly durable and corrosion-resistant, so it can withstand a wide range of weather conditions. Choose from ball-bearing designs and friction slide types. 

Why Choose JES for Vending SOlutions

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Decades of Experience

The experts at JES have over six decades of combined expertise in manufacturing innovative products based on consumer demands. Our team can determine the most intelligent solution for your goals to deliver the best results.


Our design flexibility allows us to adapt to your unique needs beyond our stock products. When you need purpose-built solutions, our engineers can create the ideal design for your application.

Personal Attention

We go above and beyond for every customer to ensure you get the best product for your goals. Our team provides individualized attention to answer all your questions and point you in the right direction.

Fast Turnaround

JES spearheads design, engineering and manufacturing under one roof to cut out third parties and complete your product sooner. This business model allows us to deliver products sooner than our competitors.

Applications for Cash Handling and Vending Machine Slides

Drawer slides have various uses in the world of vending and cash handling. These critical components are valuable for:


ATMS and

ATM and cash kiosks have multiple storage drawers where the machine can dispense bills from. Drawer slides allow maintenance teams to refill these drawers with bills when they run low. 

coin pusher


In coin drop machines at arcades and casinos, the change is pushed out on a linear motion track. Our slides keep the change moving and allow users to enjoy the games.


Point of Sale (POS) Units

POS units have drawers for dispensing cash when a cashier initiates a sale. The drawer slides for these applications need to withstand thousands of uses throughout the day, and JES has the products that fit the bill. 

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The JES team has great pride in its work. Whether you come to us for stock products or custom ones, we deliver on our promises. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products or find a sales representative near you.