Application Design & Engineering for Drawer Slides

Meeting individual requirements, strict specifications, optimal fitting in your application is essential for business product growth.   JES ensures that your individual product is designed accurately though 2D and 3D CAD systems, including AutoCAD and Pro/Engineer to optimally fit in your overall system.  We lead with applications engineering – creating product solutions that specifically work for your application.  This maximum flexibility approach brings the engineering innovation that has positioned JES as a leader directly into your application- enhancing the value of your product in your marketplace.

  • New Product Engineering Development

    New Product Engineering Development: New product engineering development is the first stage in the product life cycle management.  Collaborate between our engineers and leverage our 50 years of proven experience. Our goal is to bring new innovative product solutions to your marketplace.
  • Rapid Prototyping

    Rapid Prototyping: With in-house custom prototyping capabilities, we can turn out your custom prototypes in days, sometimes less. 
  • Performance Testing

    Performance Testing: By combining prototyping and testing upfront, we avoid costly re-engineering downstream.  Performance testing is critical before ramping into mass production.
Application Design & Engineering for Drawer Slides