The uniqueness of your custom solution demands flexibility and speed from the manufacturing systems that will produce it. We choose not to subscribe to the philosophy of “when we make it, you will buy it,” but rather to the philosophy of “when you need it, we will make it.” The former philosophy is burdened with inflexible manufacturing systems that are efficient at producing large quantities of standard products that sit on shelves and wait to be ordered – and are then force-fitted into custom applications. The latter philosophy is consistent with today's technology – which infers that custom engineering and custom manufacturing, with flexibility, speed, and operational efficiency, should be the norm. And they are the norm at Jonathan Engineered Solutions.

  • Flexible Production Capabilities: Your custom linear movement & access product solution is manufactured on a make-to-order basis.  We can fluctuate to your production demands.  We even do low volume.
  • Integrated Assembly: Labor intensive assembly of your peripheral componentry can be efficiently managed, assembled, and integrated with your linear movement & access solution. 
  • Global Operations: Our global manufacturing operations in Mexico, Asia and our global industrial sourcing network enable us to manage the entire channel to provide you with cost-effective solutions.
Custom Manufacturing of Drawer Glides