We’re ready to fluctuate with your production requirements. Manufacturers can no longer capture market share and gain higher profits by providing large volumes of a standard product for a mass market.  The next generation involves customization and personalization to meet customer’s changing market demands.  Our custom solutions are manufactured on a made-to-order basis and have the ability to quickly change and reconfigure the manufacturing machines to produce them to your specific requirements. Our one-piece continuous flow, cellularly-oriented, and inherently flexible manufacturing systems – roll form lines, CNC machines, punch-press machines, laser and non-laser sheet metal machines, integration and assembly lines, and more are ready to fluctuate with your production requirements, from short-runs to long-runs, and everything in between.

  • Fast and flexible manufacturing capabilities to respond to your fluctuating market demands.
  • Custom engineering and custom manufacturing with flexibility, speed, and operational efficiency. 
  • Allows customers to order to their specific production needs rather than producing large quantities that sit on shelves.
  • Made-to-Order to your specific production requirements.


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Flexible Production of Drawer Glides