Cable Management

Jonathan Engineering Solutions offers a variety of cable management systems to contain cables and make installation and maintenance easier. Protect your cables and increase easy access with moving cable management and protection solutions. Moving cable management systems provide a simple way to optimize work environments and prevent issues from arising. These systems create a simple and functional space to store and organize your important cables so you and your team can continue working as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of Ruggedized Cable Protectors


Cable storage and protection are vital to effective workspaces. They can accommodate a variety of needs and purposes throughout any industry. The correct cable storage will:


  • Protect cables from sagging and tangling.
  • Maximize cable performance.
  • Increase safety practices around your workplace.
  • Keep your systems and equipment running smoothly.
  • Create a cleaner working environment.
  • Streamline troubleshooting.
  • Facilitate routine and specialized maintenance.
  • Prevent damage from debris, dirt, moisture, vibrations, corrosive chemicals and more.


Types of Heavy Duty Cable Management


Jonathan Engineered Solutions offers 1U and 2U cable management systems and cable retractors available in various heights and lengths to suit your needs. A few of our cable management systems come with a quick disconnect feature. We manufacture our cable management supplies and retractors in three different materials:


  • Steel: Steel provides a durable, sturdy solution.
  • Aluminum: For corrosion resistance and flexibility, aluminum is an ideal choice.
  • Plastic: This option is flame retardant.


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