The Engineering and Supply Chain Challenge

The Engineering Challenge
The Engineered Solution 
Why Did the Company Work with JES?

A Company that sets the technology leadership and “challenge-the-status-quo” trends in data storage networking design had been using JES' ball-bearing slides for one of their rack-mounted data storage units. Being pioneers in serving the server and data storage technology markets, JES knew that slides alone were not sufficient to install a data storage unit into an enclosure. The integrated rack-mount kit that accompanied the sale of one of the Company's data storage units must have included additional non-slide components – such as rack-mount brackets, cable management system, and hardware – that were integrated with the slides somewhere along the supply chain. 

A Sales Engineer from the Server and Data Storage Technology Market Team of JES visited the V.P. of Manufacturing of the Company to see the data storage application first-hand. On the manufacturing floor of the Company, a pair of slides were first assembled to rack-mount brackets with fasteners. Next, one pair of slides, with brackets attached, were integrated into a compartmentalized box with a cable management system, bagged hardware kit, wire sleeves, power cords, cable assemblies, printed materials, and a few other components. Once fully integrated, the packaged and sealed rack-mount kit was inserted into an even larger box that contained the data storage unit. The final box, which contained the data storage unit and integrated rack-mount kit, was then sealed and staged for shipping to the Company's customers. 

The Company, specialists in the data storage marketplace, had been managing mechanical engineering and supply chain tasks associated with rack-mount kits – tasks that weren't directly consistent with what made them leaders. The Company had adopted the roles of assuring the engineering interoperability of all of the components in the integrated kit and managing the supply chain that resulted from procuring the kit components from multiple vendors.

Knowing that it can readily add value to the Company's processes, JES proposed to engineer, integrate, and deliver the entire rack-mount kit – slides, custom bracketry, cable management system, hardware kit, and all other components – leaving the Company to only have to drop the rack-mount kit into the larger box with the data storage unit once delivered by JES.

The Engineered Solution

JES engineered the additional non-slide components of the rack-mount kit, including the brackets and cable management system. Furthermore, JES worked with the Company to procure its remaining inventory of other components in the rack-mount kit – hardware, wire sleeves, power cords, cable assemblies, printed materials – that were sitting on the shelves of the Company's manufacturing floor. JES then took over managing the vendors that had been supplying these components to the Company. Working with one of its supply partners, JES also engineered the specialized packaging, including the compartmentalized box and protective foam, which the Company was using to house the kit components.

JES created engineering documentation for the entire rack-mount kit, sent it to the Company for final approval and record-keeping, and created a single ready-to-order part number. For the Company, the “headaches” associated with assuring the engineering interoperability of all rack-kit components, managing multiple vendors for numerous part numbers, and integrating rack-mount kits on their manufacturing floor were gone. They had found their one engineering and supply chain solution – JES.

Why Did The Company Work With JES?

  • JES is the leader in providing custom-engineered, integrated rack-mount kits to the world's leading companies in server and data storage technology – we know the drill .
  • JES' singular focus was bringing value to the Company's business processes – and it did.
  • JES took over the project management associated with the rack-mount kit – enabling the Company to focus on what makes it a leader.
  • JES leveraged its applications engineering core strength to assure interoperability of all rack-mount kit components.
  • JES' solution provided a significant reduction in the amount of inventory that had to be managed by the Company.  

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