Linear Motion Solutions for Aircraft Interior Seating & Seat Furniture

60+ Years In Development

Jonathan is committed to lighter weight, reduced noise, and sustaining higher loads throughout the aircraft interior. We know that engineers must be conscious of the entire craft when developing solutions for their end users, and we're here to help.

Seat Tracking

Our SR350 Seat Tracking solution carries 750lbs. with our Dyna-Race technology, making it the perfect choice for First and Business class lay-flat applications.  The aluminum channels are complete with lightening holes for reduced weight, and offer rigid support for secure and effortless linear motion.

sr350 seat tracking solution
e330 linear motion solution for aircraft cabin furniture


The E330 is a beautifully simple linear motion solution for contained travel in a limited envelope.  The two member slide is perfect for cabin furniture and seating applications, and is a platform for additional modifications.


The 129T is a lightweight aluminum slide that specifically designed for today’s Aircraft interior applications.  It offers an approximate 17% weight savings over our most well-known competitors and has the largest variety of modifiers of any JES linear motion product.

129 series lightweight aluminum telescopic slide
brown leather aircraft seat

Seating Furniture

Jonathan Engineered Solutions provides the most comprehensive and innovative solutions for aircraft cabin and galley interiors.  Our designs include tri-axial undercarriage slides such as the S380T, linear extractors like the EXTR-515 & EXTR-1000, and flagship interior telescopic slides such as our 129T.  No other linear motion solutions provider can guarantee the lighest weight, highest loads, and most quiet solutions for aircraft interior hardware.


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