Series 300/SB/T Undermount

Heavy Duty Aluminum Slides

300 Aluminum Slide Series.  Specifically designed and installed as a flat bottom mount device, the high load carry ability of this slide will meet a wide range of applications in a compact footprint.  This series can be mounted as a single slide or in multiple groupings to provide an extremely high load carry factor.  With unique multiple angular ball races, the ultimate applied loads are spread out within the slide profile to ensure positive performance.  Slide load ratings are suggested to a single flat mounted slide that can be multiplied by the number of slides installed.  If this 300 series is mounted as a vertical bottom mount, the suggested load rating are doubled.  When mounted flat the slide height is 1.50 inch / 38 mm and width is 3.50 inch / 89 mm.  This series is a 3 member, full extension, ball bearing slide.

  • Allows a drawer or chassis to be as wide as possible
  • Full travel extension
  • Provides a cleaner looking installation
  • Eliminate attaching hardware from the sides of drawer or chassis
  • Provides a generous load rating over other flat mounted slides
  • Slide basic shape profile spreads out the load distribution applied by drawer or chassis
  • Low profile 
  • Anodized finish
  • Ball bearing movement
  • Lock Open is available as model 300L
  • Front end accessible lock release is available as model 300LR
  • The 300 series when mounted as a flat under / bottom mount, has the slide height of 1.50 inch / 38 mm and width is 3.50 inch / 89 mm.  The 300 series is a 3-piece full extension device. This series of slides is ideal for applications such as military electronics, power supplies, cabinet enclosure / banks of enclosure pull out, trays, platforms, fire truck standing platforms, and medical MRI / Cat Scan units. In certain applications this series can be mounted as a top slide to act as a hanging method in conjunction with or without lower load carrying slides.  

Heavy Duty Aluminum Slides
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Load Rating: 260 to 205 lbs per pair slide, flat mounted 
  • Lengths: 14” to 36”
  • Travel: 1” shorter than length, 13” to 35”
  • Finish: Anodize clear
  • Locking: Open, model 300L or model 300LR
  • Movement: Ball bearing
  • Available Options: Shock Blocks (300SB model), Captive Screw Closed Position, Disconnect (300T model), Change of slide length and / or travel, Special hole sizes and patterns, Combinations of any or all available options

  • Any length
  • Any travel
  • Custom hole patterns and sizes
  • Shock absorption (Shock blocks) - Available for 300 with T-Section Disconnect Series
  • Custom finishes

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