World Wide Logistics Sourcing

We've created a thorough, global network of custom manufacturing and engineering-focused vendor resources, and the underlying information systems necessary to effectively coordinate linear movement & access products – from our wholly-owned, integrated manufacturing facilities to manufacturing implants at key business partner sites to critical-component suppliers. We'll manage the entire channel of supply – so you don't have to – until your product solution is fully realized and delivered as you need it and when you need it.

Focus on the core competencies that make your company a leader in your marketplace – engineering, marketing, and others. Don't consume your valuable talents and resources managing vendors for your custom product solutions - we’ll simplify your complex logistic and supply chain issues for you.

  • Supply Chain Management: We manage complex supply chains of components, raw material, finished products, and vendors to efficiently provide you with a simplified easy-to-order consolidate part number.  
  • Global Engineered Sourcing: Our extensive global network of suppliers worldwide can be utilized for the sourcing beyond your product.  View other engineered componentry can be integrated into your application.
  • On-Time Delivery Performance: Worldwide logistic management of your Linear movement & access product solutions ensure your products are delivered to you on-time.


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Logistics Sourcing