Ergonomic, Precision Engineered Medical Solutions

Drawer Slides for Medical EquipmentOur precision drawer slide solutions provide smooth, accurate movement for LCDs, laptops, keyboards, cabinetry in patient rooms, emergency, operating rooms, labs, and wherever equipment needs to be accessed.  JES has highly developed expertise in medical devices and equipment, working for years with top medical device manufacturers.  An X-Y slide system is a prime example of a custom industrial slide solution that facilitates the precise movement control required by medical imaging equipment.  JES also has expertise in vertical sliding systems with a simple, effective design that leads to industry-leading reliability.


Medical applications include:

  • Medical Vision Imaging Equipment
  • Diagnostic Products
  • X-RAY equipment
  • MRI equipment
  • Digital Radiography equipment
  • PET scanners
  • Tray Storage, Cabinets & Medical Carts

Industrial drawer slides for medical industry

An x-y slide system was designed for a medical vision equipment manufacturer.  The unique slide required low friction requirements, strict pull force requirements, and perpendicular alignment requirements.  The combination of these requirements were critical to the end-use of the vision system, as any movement and control of it had to produce accurate and reliable results. 


Medical Solution Value Proposition:

  • JES specializes improving the accuracy, efficiency, and movement in your medical equipment.
  • JES linear movement & access solutions are fine-tuned for quiet operations, and allow smooth even movement in your medical equipment application.
  • Smooth, quick access to compartment contents (devices, storage, tools, equipment)
  • Safe & Durable during critical operation.
  • Strength, safety, and reliable equipment that meet industry qualifications
  • Trusted among leading medical manufactures


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