Overtravel Drawer Slides

Jonathan Engineered Solutions offers standard overtravel in linear motion solutions for maximizing access within a limited envelope, while maintaining the highest load ratings a profile can offer. Our stringent testing standards deliver the most in uninterrupted travel in the most demanding requirements. Each product that includes an overtravel modifier has been designed to meet a particular requirement, engineered for the sole purpose of carrying maximum weight to the limit.

What Is an Overtravel Drawer Slide?


Overtravel drawer slides are designed to move past the edge of the cabinet to give complete access to the drawer when opened. Using this type of drawer slide allows users to optimize storage space and use every inch of a drawer.


Types of Overtravel Slides We Offer


We manufacture overtravel slides in various metals to support your applications. Choose from:


  • Steel: At JES, we use standard industrial carbon steel to create linear overtravel slides. This material offers smooth motion and is suitable for various applications where weight and environmental specifications are unnecessary.
  • Stainless steel: We manufacture our stainless steel slides with ball-bearing and friction slide designs. With premium-grade stainless steel, these slides offer impressive durability and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for harsh environments.
  • Aluminum: Our high-quality aluminum slides use solid bearing, ball-bearing or roller designs for smooth motion. These designs ensure low friction for all types of loads.


Applications for Overtravel Slides


Overtravel drawer slides work well for any application where you need complete access to a drawer or cabinet. Uses include:



While we carry various stock models of our overtravel slides, we also create custom products for your unique applications. Discuss your needs with the JES experts to develop a drawer slide that fits your performance requirements.

Why Choose JES for Overtravel Slides?


Jonathan Engineered Solutions (JES) is an industry leader in slide design, offering various slide types for your applications. With our overtravel drawer slides, you gain smooth precision movement with greater accessibility. Explore our selection of overtravel slides today or work with our team to develop a custom product.


JES is your trusted partner for drawer slides. When you work with our team, you gain:


  • Customization: Every user has unique requirements, and we create drawer slides to match. Whether you need a heavy-duty stainless steel overtravel slide or a small aluminum model, we can develop a purpose-built product for your application.
  • Experience: Our experts offer decades of combined experience in slide design, and they work with the leading 3D technologies during development. With JES, your overtravel slides can suit the most specific design criteria.
  • Fast turnaround: JES handles design, engineering and manufacturing in-house, so we can complete your product faster than our competitors.
  • Thorough testing: We want to provide the highest quality product possible. With our comprehensive testing processes, we ensure your slides are ready to perform according to your needs.
  • Attentive customer service: You need your project to run smoothly, and we make it possible. Stay in contact with our team throughout project development and receive individualized attention for all thoughts and questions.


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JES is a certified AS9100 and ISO 9001 manufacturer. Our experience in this industry empowers us to deliver precision products for various applications, and we take great pride in our work. Turn to our team for durable, cost-effective solutions and custom designs. Get in touch with us online today, or reach out to a local representative to learn more.

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