Custom Aluminum Slide Solutions

Aluminum full extension slides are types of bearings designed for linear motion—or free movement in one direction or two directions. Made from quality aluminum, they use a solid bearing, ball bearing or roller system to carry loads from different directions. Aluminum bearing slides provide low friction and smooth, accurate motion for your application needs.

Jonathan Engineered Solutions is an ISO 9001 & AS 9100 certified manufacturer of aluminum ball bearing slides and aluminum friction slides. Jonathan aluminum slides are a rugged and durable product that can meet and exceed today’s harshest military and environmental conditions, including MIL-901 specifications. Jonathan aluminum slides are also versatile product that can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Types of Industrial Aluminum Slides

Whether motorized or non-motorized, all slides provide linear motion using bearings. The bearing used for the linear slide differs by type of slide. Jonathan Engineered Solutions supplies:

Aluminum Ball-Bearing Slides

These are the most common type of linear slide, consisting of two rows of ball bearings on different sides of the base. Ball bearings or ball bearing rollers move the slide in a smooth, precise motion. Ball-bearings are also self-lubricated, increasing the reliability of the aluminum base & anodized coated slide.

You will find aluminum ball-bearing slides primarily in the Military & Aerospace manufacturing industry, but they are also used in construction, electronics, and other industries for stationary, mobile, shipboard, and applications where low physical weight or corrosion resistance is required.

Aluminum Friction Slides

Friction slides are similar to ball-bearing slides, but are used to provide outward slide motion. They use a solid bearing surface to provide motion and load carry support. They are the simplest kind of linear slide, and they don’t require any lubrication to produce smooth motion.

Solid Bearing Friction Slides are an excellent solution for dusty environment applications. Friction slides are also ideal for load applications like CNC machines, work holding devices, and laboratory science.  

Typical Applications of Aluminum Full Extension Slides

A variety of industries use aluminum linear bearing slides, including:

  • US Navy
  • US Air Force
  • US Army
  • Transportation
  • Emergency Vehicle
  • Commercial Aerospace

Within these industries, you can find high strength linear motion slides being used for applications like:

  • Naval and commercial ships
  • Submarine communication equipment
  • Ruggedized rack mounted servers
  • Portable Transit cases
  • Ruggedized laptops computers
  • Commercial and business aircraft
  • Military vehicles and MRAP's
  • Fire truck and ambulance drawers
  • Bus and truck storage and battery compartments
  • Portable electronics, and
  • Aerospace cabinet and doors

Custom Aluminum Slide Solutions from Jonathan Engineered Solutions

Light Duty Aluminum Slides: These aluminum full extension linear slides are designed for uses between 80lbs and 138lbs, or 36.5kg to 62.6kg. We offer a range of aluminum slides series in different dimensions, loads, heights, and features to meet your specifications.

Medium Duty Aluminum Slides: These premium aluminum slides are designed for applications ranging from 89lbs to 265lbs, or 40kg to 120kg. Each of our medium duty aluminum slides series offers different configurations to meet your exact needs.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Slides: These industrial aluminum-coated slides are designed for heavy-duty applications ranging from 190lbs to 980lbs, or 190kg to 444.5kg.

View our aluminum slide table to learn more about our available series of aluminum slides.

Materials for Aluminum Slides

Aluminum slides are manufactured from high strength aluminum and anodized with MIL-A-8625A, Type II, Class 1 finish. Optional finishes and customization are available. Testing capabilities include cycle testing, static testing, load life testing, and pull force testing. Custom and standard aluminum slides are available with varying cross sections & load carrying capacities.

Contact Us for Aluminum Slides

We design, engineer, and manufacture custom, high-quality aluminum slides for all of your industrial applications, no matter how challenging. As an industry-leading manufacturer of aluminum slides, we have the expertise to meet your exact design goals and specifications. Slides are available as Standard Catalog items or as a Customized version, using current slide components.

Should you have any questions or customization needs, please feel free to contact Jonathan Engineered Solutions directly at 714-665-4400.

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