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JES’ aircraft interior lightweight aluminum slides solutions provide weight saving designs for commercial aircraft, business jet aircraft, and general aviation aircraft applications.  Jonathan Engineered Solutions is a certified AS9100 manufacturer for the Aerospace industry.  Lightweight aluminum drawer slides and drawer glides provide reduced aircraft weight equating to increased fuel savings and significant noise reduction for the design engineers.  JES has developed expertise in the commercial aircraft/ business jet industry, working for years with top aircraft manufacturers. 

Engineered for the aircraft industry, we have engineered an industry-leading 128-slide system that is a lightweight slide solution with a small cross-sectional design.  We aim to save lighter weight-savings, dimensional space and quieter operation movement.  Applications for the retracting drawers locking mechanisms in the open & closed position, and tilting the chassis drawers are a few of our capabilities.


Aircraft Linear Movement & Access Applications:

Business Jet Applications:

  • Seat Stowage
  • Arm Rest
  • Coffee Cup Holders
  • Trash Bins
  • Ice Drawers
  • Liqueur Cabinets
  • Door Partitions
  • Toilet Tissue Holders
  • Others

Commercial Aircraft Applications:

  • Emergency Stowage Compartments
  • Leg Rests for Seats
  • Sliding Seats Mechanisms
  • Partitions
  • Galleys
  • In-Flight Entertainment Systems
  • Others


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Aircraft Value Proposition:

  • JES specializes providing lighter-weight saving solutions
  • Innovative features including self closing, spring open and dampening mechanisms
  • Custom non-standard sliding assemblies
  • Smooth, quick access to compartment contents (devices, storage, equipment)
  • Strength, safety, and reliable solutions that meet industry qualifications including FAA Structural Testing
  • Trusted among leading aircraft/business jet manufacturers including Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream, Cessna, Embraer


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