Heavy Weight Vehicles

Custom-built, Responsive Access Vehicle Equipment Solutions

Jonathan Engineered Solutions specializes in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of new custom-built access equipment for fire fighting vehicles, ambulances, TV station vehicles, and truck bodies.  Custom-built access equipment includes mobile rack-mount systems, fire truck pull-out trays, emergency vehicle storage systems, battery trays, and truck body storage equipment for the vehicle industry.    

Heavy Weight Access Solution Value Proposition:

  • Custom-Built Access Equipment that meet your engineering specifications
  • Fast, Responsive Linear Movement Drawer Slides & Access Solutions for heavy weight
  • Smooth, quick access to compartment contents (tools, storage, electronic equipment)
  • Safe & Durable during critical operation
  • Strength, safety, and reliable equipment that meet industry qualifications
  • Trusted among leading vehicle manufacturers and departments


Solutions for the Heavy Weight Vehicle Market

Industrial Drawer Slides for Fire Trucks


Fire Truck Apparatus:

JES manufactures custom-built access extension storage solutions for fire fighting apparatus.  Known for its strength and durable access solutions, we can build your unique design, assemble, and deliver to your door.  JES specializes in improving the access of your tool board equipment, storage equipment, and pumpers during times of critical situations.  Get in touch with our engineer at 714-665-4400 to discuss your application.



Drawer Slides for Ambulances



JES builds innovative custom access assembly equipment for emergency vehicles/ ambulances.  Our solutions have been utilized by many leading emergency vehicle manufactures to provide access to interior cabinetry drawers, storage systems, and electronic systems. 



Drawer Slides for Armored Security Vehicles


Armored Security Vehicles (ASV):

 JES manufactures custom engineered subassemblies for the defense vehicle industry.  JES has recently won a contract to manufacture and assemble four mechanical assemblies for an (ASV) armored security vehicle manufacturer.  Our expertise in integrated solutions can provide you with design/engineering, assembly, and custom manufacturing,-value for your military vehicle assembly.  Get in touch with our engineer at 714-665-4400 to learn more.



Drawer Slides for Homeland Security Vehicles


Homeland Security Vehicles:

Homeland security vehicles include- government armored-plated police vehicles, vans, and trucks for the protection executives.  JES manufactures ruggedized heavy duty drawer slides that are battle-tested and can even meet military specifications.      



Industrial Drawer Slides for Truck Bodies


Truck Bodies:

Access to compartment components in your truck vehicle can be innovatively engineered and manufactured by JES.  Specialization includes providing drawer slides that feature smooth movement, durability, strength, and safety for the end-user. 



Drawer Slides for Other Vehicles


Other Vehicles:

JES’ manufactures custom engineered product solutions for the support of satellite/communication equipment, mobile electronic telecommunication, and other electronic equipment.  Specialization of drawer slides includes providing fast, responsive access to electronic systems.