Series 129TL

Jonathan Engineered Solutions is an ISO 9001 & AS 9100 certified manufacturer of Aluminum slides for the Aerospace industry.  Jonathan is now offering a variety of Industry leading lightweight and innovative products for Aircraft Cabin Interiors.  The 129TL is a lightweight aluminum slide that is specifically designed for today’s Aircraft Interior applications.  Similar to the Jonathan 129T series, the 129TL offer approximate 20% weight savings over typical aluminum aircraft slides and is commonly used in commercial and executive aircraft interiors.


 Key advantages the 129TL offers over competitive aluminum slides:

  • Provides over 20% weight savings
  • Lock open latch
  • Smooth and quiet motion.
  • Lead-in guides front and rear. 
  • Sound dampening rubber bumpers.
  • Full ballbearing construction

The key advantage the 129TL has over aluminum aircraft slides is the easily accessible lock open latch located on top of the slide.  The latch is hidden when the slide is in the closed/stowed position.  Optional upgrades such as enhanced finishes and lightweight polymer ballbearings are available upon request.   As with most Jonathan aluminum slides, these slides can be customized to meet your specific applications needs.  Whether it be custom lengths or travels, hole patterns, locking mechanisms or finishes.  Feel free to contact your local Jonathan Sales Engineer  today. 


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Typical Applications:

  • Aircraft cabin interiors
  • Kitchen galley drawers
  • Sliding tray tables
  • Storage bins or compartments
  • Seat Armrests
  • Seat Legrests
  • Portable transit cases
  • Partition doors  

  • Slides:  
    • 129 series aluminum slides
    • Dimensions: 1.38” high x .399” wide
    • Full extension, Lock open
  • Inner member disconnect
  • Materials: 6061-T6 Aluminum and stainless steel Components
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Finish:   Slides:  Clear Anodized per MIL-STD-8625
  • Load rating:  Up to 108 lbs per JES load rating standards

  • Slides:  Modified to have overtravel or Undertravel
  • Lock open, stop open with no Lock
  • Materials: Alternate steel, aluminum, or stainless steel
  • Finish: Hard Annodize
    • Black Annodize



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