Series 310/L Undermount

Medium Duty Steel Slides

310 Steel Slide Series.  In addition to side mounted slides, Jonathan Engineered Solutions offers slides suitable to be mounted as a “flat under-mount” or “flat bottom-mount” or “flat below-mount” configuration.  These flat mounted slides offer the following benefits:

  • Allows a drawer or chassis to be as wide as possible
  • Full travel extension
  • Provides a cleaner looking installation
  • Eliminate attaching hardware from the sides of drawer or chassis
  • Provides a generous load rating over other flat mounted slides
  • Slide basic shape profile spreads out the load distribution applied by drawer or chassis
  • Low profile 
  • Non-metallic outstops and in-stops (basic 310 series without locking)
  • Use of heavy gauge materials and greater amount of ball bearing wrap-around
  • Ball bearing movement
  • Lock Open is available as model 310L
  • Available options: Detent Closed, Black Oxide Finish, Hole patterns, Hole sizes or additional threaded fasteners pre-installed 

The 310 series when mounted as a flat under / bottom mount, has the slide height of .63 inch / 16 mm with slide width as 2.00 inch / 50.8 mm. The 310 series is a 3-piece full extension device. This series of slides is ideal for applications such as printers, platforms, trays, vending shelves, ticket dispensers, utility drawers, keyboards, sorting machines, and many other industrial installations. In certain applications this series can be mounted as a “top guide slide” to act as an additional stabilizing method in conjunction with lower load carrying slides.  

Medium Duty Steel Slides
  • Material: Steel
  • Load Rating: 45 to 30 lbs per pair of slides 
  • Lengths: 12” to 28”
  • Travel: + 1” longer than length, 13” to 29”
  • Non-metallic stops open and closed positions, 310 model only
  • Finish: Zinc, RoHS compliant
  • Locking: Open, model 310L
  • Movement: Ball bearing

  • Any length
  • Any travel
  • Custom hole patterns and sizes
  • Lock open
  • Custom finishes


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