Custom Stainless Steel Slide Solutions

Standard industrial stainless steel slides are linear slides designed for smooth motion in a single direction. Because these bearings are made from stainless steel, they provide additional corrosion and wear resistance, making them ideal for applications where the metal may be exposed to corrosive environmental conditions.

Jonathan Engineered Solutions is an ISO 9001 & AS 9100 certified manufacturer of steel slides and stainless steel slides. Jonathan steel slides are engineered to be much more durable than conventional furniture grade products, and we only use premium materials and components.

Standard Industrial Stainless Steel Slides from Jonathan Engineered Solutions

Stainless steel linear motion bearings are designed to move freely and precisely in one direction. They can be stainless steel ball bearing slides, meaning they use a rolling element to move along their axis, or they can be stainless steel friction slides that sit directly on the bearing surface and don’t need anything additional to move.

We offer high precision linear slide systems designed for different load capacities. Our stainless steel slides include:

Light Duty Steel Slides: These stainless steel linear ball bearings are designed for light duty application ranging from 50 to 145lbs.

Medium Duty Steel Slides: These stainless steel linear motion bearings are manufactured for medium duty applications ranging from 100 to 185 lbs.

Heavy Duty Steel Slides: These standard industrial stainless steel slides are ideal for heavy duty applications from 140 to 300lbs.

Undermount Steel Slides: Instead of side-mounted slides, these undermount stainless steel linear motion slides are mounted in a flat bottom-mount configuration. They allow a drawer or chassis to be as wide as possible.

To learn more about our selection of stainless steel slides, view our steel slide table.

Industries and Applications for Stainless Steel Linear Motion Bearings

Jonathan Engineered Solutions designs and manufactures a range of custom stainless steel slide solutions for your industrial applications.

Industries that use steel slides include:

  • Servers
  • Telecommunications
  • Data
  • Transportation
  • Vending
  • Medical
  • Cash Drawers
  • Electronic racks
  • Storage Furniture
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Postal Equipment
  • Linear motion equipment

Materials for Stainless Steel Linear Bearings

Steel slides are made from cold rolled steel and finished with a Zinc plating per ASTM-B-633. Custom and standard industrial grade steel slides are available with varying cross section & load carrying capacities. Testing capabilities include cycle testing, static testing, load life testing, and pull force testing.

Contact Us for Steel Slides

With 50 years of experience, Jonathan Engineered Solutions is an industry leading stainless steel linear motion slide manufacturer. Using the latest technology, we design and engineer the perfect custom stainless steel slide solution for your unique application.

Should you have any questions or customization needs, please feel free to contact Jonathan Engineered Solutions directly at 714-665-4400.

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